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too heavily on incarceration. will looeng is the c e eo of diversion project from ranging from final alternatives to rehabilitative programs to more comprehensive case management and finally jonathan simon is adrian craig in professor of law, teaches courses on criminal laws, criminal justice, law and consulted culture and law risk and studies. his book includes parole and the social control of the under class 1890-1990 how the war on crime transformed american democracy and created fear. welcome our panelist. [ applause ] >> i'm going to start with catherine mccrack in, the organization on juvenile and criminal justice has done extensive reach on the bail system and pretrial detention. is the system currently working would you say and what reforms would you support? >> thank you for having m
. >>> the krcht eo of american airlines will not be getting his $20 million severance package for now. a judge blocked a proposed payment the airline was preparing to give chief executive tom whartton ruling that payment would exceed limits for cases in 2005. he is said to be replaced as america's ceo. >> twitter expecting to launch a music service, soon. that would suggest artists and songs based on accounts users follow. several reports say users will be able to listen to tracks through third party services a new web site popped up featuring hash tag music. >>. >>> a potential deal could bring together wireless phone and tv services and april yale agrees to pay millions to settle a class action suit. >> good afternoon. dhish not giving up on breaking into the wireless business. bloomberg learned the chairman informally approached a possible with its unit. sources tell bloomberg telecome may consider the proposal once the merger closes and only after considered a separate deal with sprint nextel. apple reportedly agreed to pay $53 million to settle a class action lawsuit over iphone and ipod
men trying to break into a house in san leandro. eo he one was arrested through an anonymous tip and the second identified. police are looking for them. police are getting calls for residents asking that the police release more of the surveillance videos. residents want to help clean up the town. >>> a bart passenger are will apparently not be charged for using a stun gun to break up a fight over a seat on a train. two men were siting over a seat. one was zachary me. things got out of hand. a head lock was involved and a third passenger pulled out a stun gun and zapped mccape. he is okay. he does face battery charges. the woman with the stun gun other passengers say acted responsibly. police would like to talk to her is. they say she is unlikely to be charged. >>> governor brown abouts trip to china is beginning to pay dividends in the bay area tonight. e struck is several historic deals. signed an agreement with the chinese government to boost trade and investment in california and signed a pledge to work with china on environmental issues. he also landed a $1.5 billion commitme
las autoridades trataban de abrir paso y el caos se desatÓ. mi repÚbliren como le hall an eo y ella grita de dolor, la toman de un brazo y la cargan y entre em pÚblico necesario empujones la meten al auto y los insultos al final el auto saliÓ a toda prisa no irÁ a prisiÓn, dado que no tiene antecedentes penales pero se le fijÓ una multa de 2 millones de dÓlares. >> guau!. asÍ concluye el sonado caso mantuvo pero los jueces decidieron continuarla despuÉs de revisar despues de # meses del juicio y no tener antecedentes penales como evita ir a la cÁrcel. >> tiene que pagar una multa como contaba en el reportaje hay que ver si rehabilita su carrera y que condiciones tiene para salir o no del paÍs. >> entrÓ perfectamente muy bien a la corte pero no sabÍan como iba a reaccionar la multitud. >> muy lamentable las imÁgenes. >> que bien, que bien, despuÉs te cuento. >> gracias, feliz dÍa para ti. >> un tumor a la cantante que habÍa desarrollado una infecciÓn crÓnica como le paso alejandra guzmÁn, pasamos a tijuana para que nos presente la exclusiva. >> esta viva de milagr
looks ahead. in palo alt eo, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> it is so futurestic. remember in "star trek" the glasses. not far from it. >> give me the weather forecast. >>> exactly. popping up through people's lenses because i am going to have to do it. monopoly here. nbc will own that maybe. we'll see. record heat for today. temperatures well above average. a few spots shattering old records. santa rosa hit 91. napa airport old record was 78 and we topped out at 87. it is an incredible. if you have plans outside for dinner. 80 in san jose. down into santa cruz temperatures in the 50s. we have updated this forecast through the next 12 hours. i think at the coast we will have clouds throughout the morning hours. look at this. inland areas by 11:00 a.m. tomorrow in the mid 70s. let's get you outside to our live hd sky camera network. green in san jose and clear skies for tonight a mild evening if you have dinner plans. in fremont the hills turning brown. one of the driest on calendar record. in san francisco you can see some of the marine layer trying to build the fog but it is not to
are soaring. both have companies with women leading. this eo and of receiving big time things use raking in nearly $3 million in the past six months. $600,000. she has a billion dollars in facebook stock. star jones represents a retreat under thoussnd women are trying to get where those ladies are. easier said than done. the spokesperson for the national association of professional women. a lot of you remember. for all women. >> as i think about the we run the gamut. we have women who run corporations all the way to women are starting new businesses out of their arms. everything in between. the doctors, lawyers, insurance salesman. people who are -- neil: what is the cost? >> the fact we are professional women who are looking for the opportunity to a network's with each other. one of those -- neil: encouraging marching -- >> absolutely encouraging. having had the opportunity to talk about the then. their experiences never once experience. was the theme of all concept of living. neil: what does that mean? >> as a minority professional woman i feel like i have gleaned from 18 years old to
haciendo un esfuerzo por caminar con una fe rul el miembro del clan de la familia rivera ascend eo mÁs de una hora y media hasta llegar la cruz de su hermana. >>> allÍ guardÓ silencio y en pocos segundos rompiÓ en llanto mientras cono tel palabra el lugar dÓnde cayo el aviÓn el nueve del diciembre. >>> yo iba con el corazÓn bien duro, iba con el corazÓn bien fuerte. con la mente bien enfocada. y meganÓ. >>> horas antes se habÍa reunido con el propietario del rancho, un predio de 150 hec teas que pretendÍa comprar para construir una casa de campo para Él y su familia. >>> pero la respuesta fue tajan tajante. >>> no estÁ en venta no, no tengo interÉs en vendo ella. >>> sin embargo el propietario y su familia ofrecieron donar media hasta hec tarea del terreno precisamente muy dÓnde cayÓ el avion, y dÓnde ahora estÁn las cruces de jenni rivera, su publ ciista y codo piloto de la aeronave. >>> me dio la palabra que iba a donar el pedazo allÍ dÓnde estÁ la cruz y que lo cerco ramas y cerco rama pues lo que mÁs pudiÉramos de todo el terreno para que no se meta gente que no
suspendo eo su viaje a estados unidos por problemas de salud supuestamente informes dicen que los padres abandonar abandonaron... y hospital se sabe dieroned se trasladaron bÁrbara. >>> lo mÁs impactante noticia que se estÁ comentando hoy es que se presume que el nombre de la madre de estos hombres, tambiÉn figurÓ en la lista de los terroristas, mÁs buscados en estados unidos antes del ataque. >>> importantÍsima informaciÓn e impactante a la vez. >>> gracias. >>> encontraron un fraing pth de avenido cono podrÍa ser de una de las aeronaves utilizadas por los terroristas al-qaida para volar las torres gemelas el 11 de septiembre en new york, y se trata de una parte del tren de aterrizo skwle estaba ato tatos cada entre dos edificios segÚn los expertos pertenece a un boing y tiene un nÚmero de identificaciÓn. >>> y cargoss un niÑo de 7 aÑos por eso llevar un arma cargada la escuela muy carolina del norte, dos compaÑeros alertaron a la directora quiÉn encontrÓ el peligroso artefacto en la mochila del estudiante, mientras este almuerzoaba, los padres tambiÉn tendrÁn que re
been the exact opposite. and the reaction that i've gotten is, um, other eo o d techs telling me they bought a copy -- actually, they don't tell me they bought the copy, their father will tell me that their son bought it and gave it to them and said this explains me, you know? and having that kind of reaction is not why i wrote it. like i said, i wrote it to explain it to myself. but if my experience helped inform somebody else's, that is the most amazing compliment. so i count myself very fortunate that the reaction has been far more than i deserve. >> you know, my book -- like i said, it's really not, it's not war memoir pure. but it is about the journey that the child takes towards endangerment, you know? war being the most dramatic outcome of that for the most part. and what i've found is a number of mothers especially, some fathers and wives of veterans whether they, you know, they've been combat veterans or simply, you know, they served in the military at some point in their lives, this informs something that those people haven't been able to yet articulate to them, which i
can enjoy the little things. kaiser permanente. thrive. >> hello eo our second live hour of kron 4 news weekend.a rash of burglaries in half moon bay, a deadly attack on nob hill and a gun buy back on the peninsula. those are some of the stories we're covering this morning plus a break in tradition as president obama cedes the microphone from his usual saturday morning address to the nation.to a grieving mother calling for gun controls. we have her plea. new this morning. >> janu? >> 75 degrees in napa. add a 73 and son rafael and the wind will be gusting, later. san-rafeal, 20 m.p.h.! the satellite & radar, some light system to the north of us in the clouds and to the north. however, the wind is picking up. breezy. once we get through this, a warm up. marty? >> san francisco police are investigating a shooting that took a 22-year-old man's life. it happened in the city's up-scale nob hill neighborhood around 2:30 a- m., near pacific and taylor avenue. police say an argument the 55-year-old suspect *is in police custody this morning. >> there is a five year-old that is safe at thi
is former adviser to the state department's antiterrorism assistance program, now the crashing eo of the company connected to the case and a cyber analyst and is great on topics like this. he's great on topics like this. we are looking at this nearly 24 hours later. ment news is still kind of puzzling, like how did this happen with the "associated press"? and you keep on hearing, owe it's so easy to hack a twitter account, anybody can do it. is that really the case? can this just happen at any time? >> look, this goes back to what you and i have had extensive conversations about is how secure are we online. by the reports that are coming out one of the ap reporters that were quoted on this said an hour before this tweet went out we received a very well disguised phishin email. it was designed to access user names and passwords. that appears to be what has happened. it was a sophisticated attack. very simple one but sophisticated. it got you to click onto an email. allowed access into the ap sis tefpl and this tweet went out and we see the results, ha than a week after boston these
. testesla has a depth smart management led by elon musk the crashing eo that has managed to steer around the rocks and reeves and there was plenty in tesl's path. you can have a debate about whether they have a long future as an independent carmaker, but so far they've made a go of it. fisker has shown an inability to i can ma the ca make the car right for customers. there were fires in the batteries and recalls. you can't sell in car in this market in it doesn't work right. jon: the battery maker nor fisker, a123 that is one of the famous green companies that also went belly-up, right? yeah, they went belly-up and they've been acquired by a chinese company and parts of it are back in operation. but fisker -- a123 was fisker's battery supplier, and a lot of the problems that fisker relate to the problems that a123 and vice versa. they basically -- they basically had a coventure to sell the cars and it hit the ditch. jon: so is fisker the solyndra of the electric car world? >> you know, it's tough to make comparisons like that. i think the two are different, but certainly politically, and
. >>> we'll take a short break. still to come, the european slowdown is imperative. the company's eo told cnbc exclusively that she's focusing her attention. >> ross, the spanish market is clearly the biggest and most profitable for us. and there it's about keeping focused on tobacco portfolios. they are keeping the portfolio right for the consumer. ♪ [ agent smith ] i've found software that intrigues me. it appears it's an agent of good. ge has wired their medical hardware with innovative software to be in many places at the same time. using data to connect patients to software, to nurses to the right people and machines. ♪ helping hospitals treat people even better, while dramatically reducing waiting time. now a waiting room is just a room. [ telephone ringing ] [ static warbles ] [ beeping ] red or blue? ♪ >>> imperial tobacco has been blaming the down fall in europe for a fall in profit. it speblths full year earnings this year to be at the lower end of its target range. jules has been speaking to the ceo. you've been sharing a game of darts and a packet of ten? >> we're going
this one a lot. acting really great. i think it will go much higher from here. ashley: eog. >> eo. about. ashley: thank you. tracy: do you have rubik's cube cufflinks? >> i forgot what they were. they look like a little rubic cubist. tracy: they're really cool. quartee past the hour. nicole petallides still down there. hey, nicole. >> i don't know who is a fan of roller coasters and old ride, free fall, maybe you remember that one, six flags. look how the stock iser faing right now. it actually traded to a all-time high. they're up 6.5%. came out with up in members. revenue rose to record 88 million, obviously 2% versus a year ago. they saw attendance on the rise, up over 40% for attendance much the stock is trading on very heavy volume. that is a nice run-up. there is a great three-year chart there for you. another exciting name would be seaworld entertainment. here on friday, it was penguins and otters and monkeys and entertainers. they own busch gardens. down just fractionally. the key story it happened on friday. and it surged over 34, 24%. big jump. traded as high as $34 and change.
. and we're joined by the c. e.o. john davis. did it truly happen to you? tell us about it. >> it was $8,000 in 20's. and thank you for having me. >> go ahead. explain. >> pardon? >> explain what's happened, what your problem is. >> i walked into the bank. the problem is, you -- that was back in the old days when i was first starting to get into it and you have a safe and you keep your valuables in the safe. and one of the valuables is cash and one of the valuables is cannibas. i found out quickly if you keep them together, no matter what precautions you take, it will end up picking up the smell of the canibas and banks, while they love your money and love doing business with you, they're skittish about the whole aspect. dennis: given the competition and the business, i'm thinking if one bank said no, we don't want your money, there must have been another bank in town that said we're happy to have it. where are you storing your cash? >> i have a back door bank account. i have my parent company, my holding company has a bank account. my dispensaries are assets under that holding company.
them early enough to be able to benefit from this breakfast. organizations like the e.o. foundation in massachusetts and states like west virginia are working to fix this by promoting breakfast at the bell programs. a solution i strongly support. and then there are weekends where schools aren't open. food banks, churches, synagogues, mosques and other anti-hunger organizations are filling that gap with food backpacks that are given out on friday afternoons. mr. speaker, as a candidate, then-senator obama pledged to under childhood hunger by 2015. it was a good idea then and it's a good idea now. many pushed for a comprehensive child food hunger program. we wear these buttons to show our support. but, mr. speaker, 2015 is only two years away. there is no way we're going to make that goal. but it doesn't mean we should give up. now is the time to redouble our efforts. now is the time to make the pledge to end hunger now, and that's not just a clever tag line. no, mr. speaker. we can end hunger now if we start with a commitment to develop a comprehensive plan to do so. that's why i con
and this is in your program. of the chair e.o. under president clinton. i'm going turn it over to alan. our time is short to make a few remark then we'll hear from janet. thank you very much. >> thank you, randy. when you said two distinguished, i looked around because i figured someone else had to be up here. there is one aspect of janet's bio that is not in there and i'm furious. it turns out she and i are both from brooklyn, new york. [applause] it turns out -- yes. it turns out we both had speech therapy for accents. [laughter] it turns out these therapists are 0-2. nce she and i are here it is brooklyn's revenge on the world. i'm hoping you will be nice to her because when she gets up here, she's our guest. quayry e yells or carries on, i will cut you off at the knees. i will not be polite. this is proof that you can take the woman out of brooklyn but -- brooklynn out of out of the woman. >> thank you. i lived in california and it has not made a difference. thank you for inviting me here and i think it is a perfect opportunity to speak on to topic to promote a stronger economy. the vital ru
together some sort of e+=o<9ójso(u what they did. this man was an aspiring boxer, wanted to be an engineer, he was also very interested in martial arts. just about a few miles from where from where i'm standing now there is a martial arts school where i'm standing now. bags, envelopes, once again possible evidence. when i questioned the agents and police there what they had found, who they had interviewed inside they said all of that information will be part of the case and obviously was something they couldn't answer at this particular point. also, in speaking about dzhokhar his 19-year-old younger brother all throughout the day not here but in cambridge speaking to his friends, once again trying to find the motive. these are the questions everyone is going to be asking in the following days. why did these men do what they did? their friends have no answers at this point. they have lots of questions. when they talk about him they say they remember the mentor. he mentored some of these younger students as he was himself an all star wrestler. he was always there to help out when help was ne
the year end of 2012. comments from jay fishman, chairman and c can eo, say these are the highest operating until per share since public offering. renewal pricing exceeded lost cause trends and retentions remain stable. so, again, after you see some catastrophic events insurers can charge more for some of those premiums. at this point they continue to see renewal price exceeding lost cost trends. >> 139 versus 1.29. so the beat of a dime. sales $14.4 billion, up 16% year over year. it sees full year, 585 to 615, a big range for utx. guys, we always focus on different indicators, right? i know business insider henry blodgett has all these indicators. chinese elevator indicator. otis of utx, sales up 24% worldwide. right here on "squawk box" as a fill-in anchor, the chinese elevator index remains strong. the ghost cities, you can get up and down 50 and 0 nice and quick. >> we heard yesterday from caterpillar's ceo. it will be huge what's happening in china. honestly. we will talk to ellen from dupont and see what she is seeing in that. >> it's their version of "field of dreams." if you build
small flash lights in our camera light. the walls are covered with partially eos
. at the age of 57 i need to again start build beining up a nest eo i.g. hopefully retire moo nigh -----retire in my 70's. while we keep our outlook positive, most of us are faced with the prospect of starting over. when we resign to the fact that we could be working in our 70's. the down turn of the economy caused in part by the abuses on wall street led to the loss of my retirement security. reforming the way wall street operates is important to me personally because i have a lot of saving yet to do. i simply cannot afford another wall street meltout. i need to have confidence in the markets and i need to know that there is accountability to those who caused this financial crisis. as dave points out, he is not alone. everyone in this body has heard stories like this. it is hard to overestimate the extent to which the credit ratings agencies contributed to the financial crisis in which thousands of minnesotans have lost their homes, thousands lost their jobs and far too many minnesotans had their hopes for the future dashed. they aren't seeking retribution from wall street. they just need to
[ gunshots ] ♪wxy and z ♪ now i know my abc's next time won't you sing with me ♪ [ gunshots ] about gun eo is not reform. it's not about gun laws. it's a story. it's a story about what could have prevented the loss of protect the s and ones of the future. >> 20 years ago, my mother attended high school. of was a cheerleader, member the honors choir. on february 11, 1988, a day like day.other she and her friends were eating lunch in the common sense area erupted. >> all of a sudden, there was a loud noise. screaming, kids were yelling. it was so confusing and at first be a fight.ere must but then i saw all of these kids running towards us, tables were turning over. ground.lates were thigt -- people were scream iing gun"!e's a gun, there's a >> two sophomores had brought school, however, only one opened fire. and teacher ern were critically wounded by gunshot wounds. was forever changed. a well-liked administrator was wounded. >> never in my mind did i think that there was a gun in my let alone that someone had just been shot and killed. devastated, ere scared. long gone were the days when s
's. .e.o. of he said i have to tell you how come wayne lapierre gets to go to the turkey federation and the mule dinner and they send you to harvard? i said i guess that is what happens when you get second choice. tonight, i had a chance to meet many of you. i thought this was a lincoln day dinner and i see this is a gathering of n.r.a. members and i truly appreciate that. [applause] noun the national rifle association is not a partisan organization in the sense that the republican party is. i happen to be a proud republican. in terms of the second amendment, the second amendment and the right to keep and bear arms in this country is not, never has beens, and should not be a partisan position. the n.r.a. has had its support over years and has had its influence, not because we're a conservative organization or a republican organization, because we're an american organization. n.r.a. members include democrats, factory owners, farmers, businessmen, lawyers -- yeah, lawyers too. people from every walk of life hat one can image. this is a lesson for politics, the strength of the n.r.a. s
, the korea, everyone september their kids to the public schools. 's, everyone e.o. sent their kids to the public schools. i sent my child to d.c. public schools but they are good schools the one i sent them too. i'm proud to do that. if parents have poor schools we can't do that. we need to improve the public school system so parents want to sent them. you see this in new york city, there is an effort that middle schools that are lower income that have though schools. if you create a system where everyone is invested in the schools that will build over time. jet parents will have the option and hopefully sent their kids to those schools and they can compete in any schools in the world. >> that is a good example where we probably, at some level we think we ought to have a strategy. maybe we ought to have a strategy in this country where everyone sends their kids to the same school. but this is america and that strategy can't conflict with the individual right to sent your kid to whatever school you want to sent them too. you know, within the law. >> right. >> it is sort of our probl
describe how the budget request would be used to implement the president's executive order? >> the eo and the budget are in together. they were prepared almost at the same time. numberdiretcts us to do a of things with the private sector and so we are given the resources with which to do that and meet the time oelines. >> i want to come back to the issue of fusion centers. i mentioned in the navy where we had tactical training teams to work with the marginally performing squadrons, and the regulatory world, i'd share a subcommittee that has over the nuclear regulatory commission. we have about 100 nuclear power plants. they have a system, i think we call them red teams, who test the securituy. y. it's pretty realistic. game. raises everybdoyoydy's >> we do a lot a red teaming, senator. it is a good way to test whether or not what we're doing is making sense. >> i would just ask that we consider that with respect to fusion centers. >> fair enough. >> mr. chairman, i asked the staff to give every member of our committee a copy of that. , will he talkry about the consolidation of these g
as far as space exploration beyond e.o. and tells us what we can do and also it prepares you to go further out. but in providing this infrastructure you have this. and again, when we talk about commercial i can say this, nasa itself has built any hardware. just like in the air force when i was deputy chief of staff when i had researched if of an acquisition. the air force has never built a piece of hardware. we've done research in cooperation, but it's all been the commercial sectors that built it. but to me there are many reasons that the moon is the next goal to prepare an operation and also it will do a lot of things inspire in gnerns d onour reent visit to russia last year, in the advisory task force to the iss that i chair, pro bono work, about six or eight other people, we have a russian counterpart. re ther americans to seehink we their proposed start of the next 20-30 years of human spaceflight. it's working its way up through the russian government for approvals and modification. and in that i thought it was very important that they said they w p the same framework that th
Search Results 0 to 37 of about 38 (some duplicates have been removed)